Why Multifamily?

  • Multifamily real estate generates secure, stable returns. This comes from market rents, professional management and high demand.

    • ​Baby Boomers are heading into retirement and are more likely to rent than own, and ​Millennials are less and less likely to own a home, due to student debt and committing to 30 more years of debt. 

  • Multifamily real estate has excellent tax shelters and advantages. Through depreciation and cost segregation, most if not all income can be tax free. Consult your CPA on these benefits.

  • You can multiply your money through Multifamily financing and forced appreciation. By acquiring a property and increasing it's income, you increase it's value. You then can take your cash out of the deal, and reinvest that money, while still owning the property. Your $1 is working two jobs for you!

  • Multifamily financing is at a lower cost, and easier to obtain than normal single family homes. This means it's easy to leverage into large properties, and usually has the lowest APR, meaning more cash flow.